Integrated Policy of the Quality System and the EMS

OBZOR, Plzen is certified according to the international standards ISO/TS 16949: 2009 Quality System and ISO 14001: 2004 EMS. The main production programme of the Cooperative is the production, assembly, sale of bowden hoses and bowden connections for the automobile industry. Our goal is to produce and offer products and services that do not burden the environment with their quality, efficiency and functionality, and that fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers.

In our work, we follow the following principles:

1. To abide, permanently, by the valid legal and other requirements, not only the ones related to the Quality System and the EMS.

2. Through the staff qualification and continuous training, through the improvement of procedures and techniques, as well as through periodical checks and analysis of the results achieved, we work on further development of the Quality System and the EMS.

3. To look, permanently, for ways to achieve a high quality level (zero defect achievement) while focusing to decrease the consumption of energy, raw materials, material and waste, and thus attaining the continuous competitive strength of our products.

4. To evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of existing technologies and planned new production modes, and to choose and realize, from available options, only the environmental frendliest solutions.

5. To motivate all employees in such a way that they become identified with this policy because it is the key to success, Cooperative prosperity, and it is, at the same time, a tool to increase their satisfaction.

6. To strengthen an open approach and dialogue with employees and the public by accepting their incentives and reacting to them. To assure that the information about all significant impacts of both productive and unproductive activities of the Cooperative on the environment is accessible to all interested parties.

7. To demand adherence to quality and to principles of environmental protection from all key suppliers.